Simple Past

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  1. Context and Uses of Simple Past:

The Simple Past Tense is used to talk about actions that happened and completed in the past. These actions may be short, instantaneous events or events that lasted for a specific period of time. The key aspect of the Simple Past Tense is that the action is not ongoing in the present. Here are a few specific uses:

  • To describe an action that happened at a specific point in the past.
  • To narrate past events or tell stories.
  • To discuss past habits or routines.
  • To state historical or general truths.

  1. Formulas for the Simple Past Tense:

Positive Sentences:

Subject + Verb (Past Form) + Object. Example: “I played basketball.”

(Learn here the past form of irregular verbs)

Negative Sentences:

Subject + did not (didn’t) + Verb (Base Form) + Object. Example: “I didn’t play basketball.”


Did + Subject + Verb (Base Form) + Object? Example: “Did you play basketball?”

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  1. Examples:

Here are 15 examples of the simple past tense:

  1. “She visited the museum last week.”
  2. “They didn’t watch the movie yesterday.”
  3. “Did you finish your homework?”
  4. “We played soccer all afternoon.”
  5. “He didn’t like the soup.”
  6. “She wrote a letter to her friend.”
  7. “Did you enjoy the concert?”
  8. “I studied for the test all night.”
  9. “They didn’t go to the beach.”
  10. “She felt happy after the good news.”
  11. “Did you see that shooting star?”
  12. “We decided to go for a walk.”
  13. “He didn’t understand the instructions.”
  14. “They baked a delicious cake.”
  15. “Did you send the email?”

4. Practice:

Complete the sentence using the verb in parenthesis:

  1. “I ____(go) to the market yesterday.”
  2. “They ____(not eat) the pizza.”
  3. “Did she ____(like) the gift?”
  4. “We ____(play) cards all night.”
  5. “He ____(not understand) the joke.”
  6. “Did you ____(finish) the assignment?”
  7. “She ____(dance) at the party.”
  8. “They ____(not watch) the game last night.”
  9. “Did he ____(send) the package?”
  10. “I ____(study) for the exam.”
  11. “She ____(not feel) well.”
  12. “Did we ____(decide) on a date for the event?”
  13. “He ____(bake) cookies for the party.”
  14. “They ___(not go) to the concert.”
  15. “Did you ____(see) the new episode?”


  1. went
  2. didn’t eat
  3. like
  4. played
  5. didn’t understand
  6. finish
  7. danced
  8. didn’t watch
  9. send
  10. studied
  11. didn’t feel
  12. decide
  13. baked
  14. didn’t go
  15. see

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